Related Conditions These conditions are generally related to the medical specialty . Each of the doctor’s expertise might vary and he/she may or may not be an expert in all the conditions mentioned.

Diabetic Ulcer , Lipomas , Hemarrhoids , Anal fissure , Gall stones , Hernia , Piles , Cysts.
Laparoscopy , Key Hole surgery , Minimal Access surgery ,  Inguinal Hernia , Cholecystectomy , Appendicectomy .

Professional Experience

  • 25 Years

Medical Qualifications

Fellow of The Royal College of Surgeons (Glasgow, UK), Fellow of the European Board of Surgery, Fellow of the Iraqi Committee of Medical Specialties (general surgery) and Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.  Vice Chairman of the European Board of Surgery, Board member of the European Society of Surgery .  Member of the Scientific Surgical Committee of American Society of Abdominal Surgery.