Related Conditions These conditions are generally related to the medical specialty . Each of the doctor’s expertise might vary and he/she may or may not be an expert in all the conditions mentioned.

Diabetic Ulcer , Lipomas , Hemarrhoids , Anal fissure , Gall stones , Hernia , Piles , Cysts.
Cancer Surgeries , Sarcomas , Melanomas , Thyroid Cancers , Oral Cancers , Kidney Tumours , Stomach Cancers , Prostate Cancers

Professional Experience

  • 21 Years

Medical Qualifications

MS , Mch. Advanced laparoscopic and oncologic surgeries .

Advanced laparoscopic colonic, stomach, gynaecological, adrenal surgeries along with breast cancer surgeries like oncoplastic surgeries and reconstruction with flaps and implants.

Advance laparoscopic procedures like lap appendectomy, cholecystectomy & adhesiolysis, hernia surgeries, hemorrhoidectomies, benign breast lumps, benign thyroidectomies, branchial cysts, pilonidal sinus and minor procedures like cyst excisions, lymph node biopsies, tube thoracostomies, pleural and peritoneal paracentesis and guided needle biopsies.