About Us

Medazon is a healthcare services platform . It is a part of Kain Technologies, based in Silicon oasis, Dubai, UAE. It is a free online platform for the common man to search for healthcare services and book them instantaneously.It is designed in such a way to guide an user even with minimal medical knowledge.

Our prime motto is to provide the public valuable information on the various healthcare services and providers to enable hassle free access to choose from the same . We assist the users in selecting the healthcare providers based on their preferences ranging from costs to medical insurances to reviews . Valuable time spent at hospital and clinic receptions can be saved by submitting documents online and getting prior approvals .

Healthcare providers can get listed on our platform and use them as an interface to meet the public . Our portal can be used to display all their services , advanced healthcare facilities and offers . Medazon can mimic their own mobile application

We not only promote medical tourism but also aim to help tourists find providers for them. With integrated payment gateways and various discounts on services , expatriates can find and utilize services here and avoid traveling back home for the same .

Medazon will also regularly post latest developments and news in healthcare.

Having a physician driven core team and an user centric interface , Medazon continuously looks to offer innovative and different services in the platform .

Medazon’s Mission : Make Healthcare accessible and affordable .

Contact us at info@medazon.org